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Our goal is to one day ensure that an average Nigerian can get easy accessibility to legal documents and materials. We leverage on the power of our efficient artificial intelligence algorithm and human intelligence to deliver 100% error free legal documents in minutes

About Law Repository

Law Repository is a self help application that allows individuals prepare legally binding documents in minutes with the aid of artificial and human intelligence. Law repository uses a powerful artificial intelligence algorithm, natural language processing, machine learning and text analysis software to process pre-filled information into a legal document.

Our softwares increases productivity by reducing an average time spent by lawyers and clients in delivering legal documents. Law repository is totally 100% error free and uses human intelligence to verify all possible errors.

Why Law Repository?

We discovered that it takes an average of 3-4 days for a lawyer to prepare a legal document. We also discover that a lot of Nigerians find it hard to get legal documents they require i.e affidavits. Law repository ensures that a legal document can be prepared in minutes thereby increasing productivity and saving time.

Law repository also possesses more amazing features like law reports, law dictionary, law calendar/file system and a cloud system for lawyers.

We are on a drive to digitize Nigeria's legal system.

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